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“Move To Improve” is a 1-hour workshop (or any other length preferred) for your company offering an engaging, fun and educational movement experience with the goal to enhance productivity, community, emotional and physical health, stress relief, and to stimulate more creative ways of thinking and solving problems. This is NOT a dance class as we are fully aware that many people might be uncomfortable dancing.


The workshop will not require partnering/touching another person and can be done completely solo. This workshop will be more as a movement experience that will gently guide participants into another way of being-thinking, which they can transfer over into their profession.  Each workshop can have a certain topic as its main goal. You can choose the topics from the list below or request any other topic that you think would benefit you and your team.

Movement creates energy and breaks down barriers, permanently strengthening the bonds between team members. By the end of the workshop, your team will have learned magnitudes about both themselves and their teammates resulting in more successful interactions and productivity.




Using movement exercises, we will improve your ability to be creative, come up with new ideas, and go beyond the routine way of thinking.


Team Building

Through solo and group movement exercises and games we will address how to strengthen the understanding and bonds within a group.



Guiding participants through various movement patterns, we will work on building a stronger trust to one's own instincts as well as between the group members.



We will work on developing tools and techniques for feeling as well as projecting confidence. 



We will guide the participants through movement exercises which improve and strengthen the abilities for an effective collaboration.



Through a combination of movement and thought process exercises we will improve your ability to radiate a stronger presence under any circumstances.



Movement is an important non verbal communication tool and we will use it to improve solo and group communication skills.



Imagination is key to problem solving, conflict resolution, planning and much more. We will guide participants through various mental and movement exercises to improve the imagination muscle.


Self Empowerement

Through movement we will evoke the power and the ability for self inspiration and motivation. 



Success is often a matter of not giving up. Through movement we will address the art of being resilient in any situation. 

We would love to bring the “Move To Improve” workshops to you. 

Please contact us for more details and inquiries. 

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