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DNA on NBC's World of Dance Season 1 & Season 2

DNA - Denys Drozdyuk & Antonina Skobina - professional ballroom dancers

Denys and Antonina are known as "DNA" from the NBC's Hit Television Show "World of Dance" produced and judged by Jennifer Lopez. Denys and Antonina are a married Ballroom Duo from New York and they were the only Ballroom Dancers on Season 1 of World of Dance. 

In Season 1 Denys and Antonina showed grace, elegance, passion, and versatility that Ballroom Dancing is about. They captured the hearts of American viewers and become the sweetheart couple of the competition. They were one of the very few acts that were asked to come back again for Season 2. 

Denys and Antonina joined the cast of Season 2 of World of Dance and came back stronger and more determined than ever. In the Second season they showed strength, determination, fun, romance, and couple power. 

After appearing on NBC's World of Dance for 2 consecutive Seasons, DNA have become the household name of American Ballroom sweetheart couple. 

P.S. Meaning of DNA: Firstly DNA stands for the Initials of their names - "Denys & Antonina." And secondly, because two of them fit together like a puzzle - just like DNA - and together they carry the message of beauty, goodness, passion, harmony, life, and joy through Dance to the people. 

Videos from NBC's World of Dance

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OR Visit DNA Youtube Channel by clicking HERE

DNA performing on NBC's World of Dance Season 2: Qualifier

DNA performing on NBC's World of Dance Season 2: Cut

DNA performing on NBC's World of Dance Season 2: Duels

DNA performing on NBC's World of Dance Season 1: Qualifier

DNA performing on NBC's World of Dance Season 1: Duels


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